Computational Biotatistics and Survival Analysis

This is a workshop taught at Tata Memorial Centre Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer, Navi Mumbai, India during December 2019.

Instructor: Bhramar Mukherjee

  • The Battle of Two Cultures Download

  • Model Selection Download

  • Shrinkage Methods for Variable Selection Download

  • Classification and Regression Trees and Random Forests Download

  • Electronic Health Records: Michigan Genomics Initiative Download


Instructor: Shariq Mohammed

The R implementations and the materials from this workshop are as follows:

The data sets used can be downloaded below

  • Data used in High-Dimensional Variable Selection Methods Download

  • Data for exercise in High-Dimensional Variable Selection Methods Download

  • Data used for Penalized Cox Regression Download

Shariq Mohammed

My research interests include Bayesian modeling, variable selection, data integration - cancer imaging genomics, statistical methods for medical imaging, precision health.